Target + Optimize = Convert

With our targeting tools you can choose to go local or international.
Market your products and services to a targeted audience.

Access 11 Ad Networks

All networks together can deliver up to 3 billion ad impressions daily.
Get access to 11 advertising networks from 1 advertising platform.

Contextual Advertising

Our platform is developed to connect the keywords and phrases
used on your campaign and place it on a relevant websites.

Brand-Safe Environment

Thanks to our internal and third party protection services,
we are constantly monitoring all ads & traffic sources.

Manage & Monitor the ROI

ROI Tracking is a tool that helps measure the effectiveness of
a campaign by tracking the account’s return on investment.

The Multi-Network Advertising Platform
with Contextual Targeting Technology

DailyClicks Technology

Get access directly to 11 advertising networks from 1 advertising platform.

All networks together can deliver up to 3 billion mobile and desktop ad impressions daily. Contextual Targeting utilizes artificially intelligent technology to define and understand content rich websites by scanning through for keywords and phrases. This targeting method is also called Content Match or In-Context technology.

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General Features of the DailyClicks

Our objective is to provide entrepreneurs with knowledgeable information and the best customer service in achieving their advertising needs.

An advertising technology that scans the text of a website for keywords and shows related ads to visitors.

Sign up and get instant access directly with 11 networks from one self-serve advertising platform.

We offer pop-under, interstitial, text and graphic ads. Try all ad types to see which provides best ROI for you.

Target your campaigns with keywords, channels, locations, devices and with many other features!

Your ads can be viewed by unique visitors for every 24 hours. Also you can setup no repeated IP visitor hours.

All advertising campaigns are reviewed from our experts. New campaigns will be active within 24 hours.

We keep your funds safe! You can control the daily and the total budget of all advertising campaigns.

It's so easy! Paste the code into your sales or confirmation page to track conversions for traffic received.

Our support team is ready to provide you instant solutions via e-mail, live chat, phone and Skype.

View full detailed reports about your advertising campaigns and target only best converted sources!

Check our FAQ page, video tutorials with step-by-step manuals and you can become an expert in a day!

Enjoy our advertising platform in your preferable language: English, German, Chinese, Spanish and Italian.

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Whether a mass high reach, or niche targeting, we can help you meet your campaign goals. Register for an account and get your campaign up and running in minutes.

What They Say About Us

I recommend DailyClicks to anyone who is looking to run ads on a performance basis. Their team is hard-working and client-oriented, super quick to optimise and responsive to feedback. I am excited to use DailyClicks unique technology for my ongoing and future projects.

Irina Semina

DailyClicks, thank you very much for your help! I've tried a lot of ad agencies, but only you can sell me quality traffic at a good price. I trust you and increase my budgets regularly because I know that you will do your best to send me targeted visitors who are really interested in my products and services.

J. ManelidisOliveOilMarket

Signing up with DailyClicks was certainly one of the best decisions of my webmaster career. DailyClicks is sending a steady stream of high-quality visitors to our websites, day after day. You people are great! Thank you very much!

M. JohnsonPrintArt

We worked with DailyClicks from the start as an Australian advertiser. Great service, great traffic! We have really improved our page-rank, bounce % and conversion rates! Thank you for everything.

D. RademakerBestTrafficShop

We have enjoyed our working relationship with DailyClicks for nearly a year now, developing a strong partnership together. They provide high-quality visitors and the whole team’s professionalism has made them an ideal partner to work with. Thank you!

K. GorbunovaSemalt

The team at DailyClicks always deliver their promises. The service is always prompt, professional and helpful. It's a pleasure working with them and I would recommend to any customer.

M. MarkCFI

My client was extremely impressed with the results that were provided by DailyClicks. We have tried a number of CPC providers and DailyClicks generated the highest conversion rates! Our experience has been very good and can recommend the service.

J. MohammedBAWS

We use DailyClicks to get high quality traffic for our mobile campaigns. With DailyClicks we are able to target all mobile devices and operating systems. And thanks to that, we are able to have the converting results that we were looking for!

N. HindriksTrustWeb