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General Questions

How long does it take to activate my account?

Your account will be reviewed within 24 hours. Please wait for our email.

How long does it take to activate new creatives?

We review and activate new creatives every 5 minutes, 24/7.

Can I advertise affiliate links?

Yes, you can advertise all mainstream affiliate programs.

Is your traffic AdSense safe?

Yes, our traffic is completely safe with AdSense.

Can I advertise adult websites?

No, you cannot, it’s against our terms of service.

Optimization Questions

What is Bidding Autopilot?

Bidding Autopilot section contains tools for the bidding process optimization. Read More

What is Media Planning?

Media Planning feature is designed to analyse SSPs traffic parameters and use it for Campaigns targeting. The panel displays received data from SSP grouped by SSP, Country, Placement size and Placement type. Read More

What analytics do you provide?

Analytics panel provides statistical information regarding your Campaigns activity. Read More

What is Retargeting?

Cookie Targeting – also known as Retargeting – is a technology that is used to ‘follow’ your audience anonymously all over the web. Read More

What macros do you support?

Below you can find some of the available macros:

  • $!{imp_id} – unique impression ID;
  • $!{source} – SSP name (hash);
  • $!{random} – passes a random value for cache busting;

View All Macros

Financial Questions

What is the minimum deposit amount?

The minimum deposit amount is $25.

Do you provide a refund?

Yes, we do. Please visit our Money Back Guarantee page for more information.

What deposit methods do you offer?

You can deposit your advertising balance with Credit and Debit Cards.

How can I contact the finance department?

You can contact our finance department at

Will I be auto-charged?

No, the payments are made manually by advertisers only.

Publisher Questions

What are your payment terms?

We operate on a Net 30 payment schedule, meaning payments are issued 30 days after the end of the billing period. Payments can be made through preferred methods like wire transfer or PayPal.

What is the minimum payout amount?

The minimum amount depends on your preferred payout method.

What payout methods do you support?

You can find the supported payout methods here.

What is the payout fee?

The payout fee depends on your preferred payout method.

Are the payouts automatic?

Yes, we send all payouts automatically every 30 days.

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