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Self-serve Advertising Platform

DailyClicks is a self-serve advertising platform which offers Push Notification ads on a CPC basis. DailyClicks runs on RTB technology and thanks to our extensive network, we can offer our advertising service in the minimum bid rates of the global market.

Brand-safe Environment

DailyClicks offers a brand-safe environment and state-of-the-art targeting tools to deliver real audiences, with real results only. Whether you want to go local or international, mobile or desktop, we have the right traffic for you.

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Geo Targeting

Receive visitors from specific countries, states and cities.

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Target visitors by specific operating systems.

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Target campaigns by specific browsers.

App Targeting

Advertise campaigns on apps and games.

Time Targeting

Schedule when to run campaigns.

IP Targeting

Receive visitors from specific IP addresses.

Domain Targeting

Receive traffic from targeted domain names and sources.

Device Targeting

Target campaigns by mobile, tablet and desktop devices.
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