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DailyClicks is a programmatic media buying platform, created by 3DMA Ltd. with love and passion, and with 17 years of experience in digital advertising. We seek to provide the best online advertising solutions. DailyClicks was built for advertisers who want to engage worldwide audiences in a brand-safe environment, and for publishers who need a reliable and flexible way to monetize their inventory on a CPC and CPM basis.

Our traffic quality is guaranteed with our fraud protection technology, viewability measurement and data transparency, ensuring only high value impressions. We implement cross-device solutions and direct buys across all countries to maximize coverage. Our primary goal is to achieve your advertising goals and strategies. Your success is our success and our support team is ready to provide a dedicated support for you 24/7.

We are always open for new partnerships and we would like to hear your thoughts and comments.

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Our Team

Evi Savvopoulou

Social Media Manager

Thomas Theodoridis

Digital Media Data Analyst

Eva Kefalopoulou

Finance Manager

Elly Selimai

Sales Manager

Lavesh Gawade

Partner Success Manager

Chris Andreadis

Customer Manager

Joseph Manelidis

Legal Manager

Savvas Manelidis

Digital Media Coordinator

Alex Manelidis

Co-Founder and CTO

Michael Manelidis

Co-Founder and CEO
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