Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic advertising offers a smarter, faster alternative to manual digital advertising. Before programmatic advertising, ordering, setting up, and reporting on ads all had to be carried out manually. Both publishers and advertisers may find themselves struggling with the management of ad space, while manually negotiating the sale and purchase of ads is a time-consuming process.

The benefits of programmatic advertising:

  • Ability to scale. Programmatic advertising allows advertisers to reach a large audience by purchasing ad space from any ad inventory available, rather than being limited as they might have been before.
  • Real-time flexibility. Advertisers can make real-time adjustments to ads based on their impressions, and they can take advantage of a broad range of targeting criteria.
  • Targeting capabilities. With superior targeting, an advertiser’s budget can be put to better use and spent more efficiently.‍
  • Efficiency. The process is more streamlined, and more relevant ads are served through targeting. Access to a large pool of publishers means advertisers can get a better return on their investment, while publishers can maximize their revenue too.
Brand-Safe Environment

Our internal and third-party protection services constantly monitor all ads and traffic sources to ensure immediate action is taken to prevent any harm to our network.

DailyClicks provides quality traffic to its users. We have zero tolerance for users abusing our service with malware and deceptive advertising as it violates our agreement. We do our best to provide exceptional service and will take immediate action when any illegal activities are detected to protect your privacy.

We impose quality control through:

  • High traffic quality deliverability.
  • Advanced fraud and malware detection system.
  • Detailed manual review of every ad before verification.
  • Monitoring quality process through third-party testing.
Transparent and Premium Traffic

DailyClicks provides advertisers and agencies 100% full transparency in order to make smart media buying decisions. Our advertising platform gives you complete visibility and full cost control. We offer cross-publisher media buying in real-time with access to all relevant sources of inventory.

We have an attractive service platform at our disposal with access to all relevant inventory and data sources. This can be connected with all technologies so that you have the greatest possible freedom of choice. We provide neutral and independent advice in the selection of technology and data partners.

We work with a range of SSP (supply-side platform) partners to enable advertisers to get quality traffic in lower rates as much as possible. We are constantly adding new SSP partners to improve the performance of our advertising platform. Our goal is to deliver the best-performing ad placements on the best-performing websites and apps.

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