On: February 21, 2019 In: B2B (Business to Business)

It is important to choose an attribution approach to measure success – and stick to it – because the most common mistake in campaigns is shifting mid-stream. Digital marketing is more accountable than ever, but results only matter if they map back to a specific goal. That may seem...

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On: December 13, 2017 In: B2B (Business to Business), Content Marketing

Lack of strategy is the primary reasons why content initiatives fail. The new year is coming fast, and the best way to prepare — and stay ahead of your competitors — is to anticipate upcoming trends in B2B marketing. Just like the previous years, marketers will have to continue...

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On: November 28, 2017 In: B2B (Business to Business), Digital Marketing

For a long time, business-to-business (B2B) marketing has valued events as a solid way to generate new sales leads. But research from Sagefrog Marketing Group shows that B2B marketers are augmenting that traditional method with a digital-minded approach. In its October 2017 survey of US B2B marketing professionals, Sagefrog found three...

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On: April 05, 2017 In: B2B (Business to Business)

B2B marketing automation specialists have become skilled at generating qualified leads from inquiries, but columnist Scott Vaughn believes that to be most effective, they need to expand their view and consider the entire customer life cycle. Nearly a decade into the marketing automation (MA) revolution, we’ve developed a crop of...

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