On: March 06, 2019 In: Digital Marketing

McKinsey research has found that 94% of global leaders are NOT satisfied with their innovation performance. An Oxford study says that only 16% of companies report that they are successful with digital transformation. What the above research points to is that 6% of global leaders are happy with their innovation and that...

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On: November 21, 2017 In: Digital Marketing

Two recent reports into the state of the UK’s digital skills landscape painted a startling picture about the challenges and opportunities facing businesses in need of digital transformation. Are apprenticeships the answer? Two new reports from Tech City and Arch Apprentices show that while the UK remains a world leader in many...

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On: May 11, 2016 In: Mobile Marketing

This is a brief guide to the definitions, distinctions, methods and use of some oft-confused, but very useful methodologies for understanding mobile customers. Where marketing, web, design, UX and development collide there is bound to be a confusing mishmash of terminology and confusion of definitions. One of the best...

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On: March 25, 2016 In: Marketing Industry, Social Media

Twitter turned ten this week. This post isn’t about Twitter, but it made me realise how long I’d been working in the social media field (It’ll be nine years next week). I’m reasonably convinced I got my first social role because I just happened to be doing social when...

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