On: August 15, 2019 In: Mobile Marketing

This July, IAB Europe published the latest edition of its annual AdEx Benchmark report on the state of the European digital advertising market. The report, which focuses on market performance over 2018, brings together facts and figures from across Europe relating to growth, and delivers a breakdown of spend...

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On: July 09, 2019 In: Mobile Marketing

Getting users to engage and re-engage with mobile apps is a challenge. One tactic to reach users who are online is push notifications. Push notifications are a fast and efficient way to communicate with your audience. Why are mobile app push notifications so powerful? Let’s consider the benefits that...

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On: July 05, 2019 In: Mobile Marketing

If you’ve got a mobile application, then you need to know what push notifications are. Some of you may know what a push notification is and how it works, but are you effectively using them to your advantage? Push notifications are a great marketing tool for anyone with a mobile app...

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On: March 27, 2019 In: Mobile Marketing

As mobile marketing increasingly dominates ad spend, and the use of geo-targeting strategies rises, the use cases and techniques also evolve. The birth of digital advertising brought with it the sophisticated use of data for audience targeting. While the cookie has served as the de facto mechanism for building...

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On: September 19, 2018 In: Mobile Marketing

Online advertising can be a secret weapon or a troublesome burden in a retailer’s marketing arsenal. Get it right and you achieve immediate mass reach to targeted consumers; convey a compelling reason to buy from your store; tap into useful analytics; and increase calls and traffic to your store (not...

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On: April 10, 2018 In: Mobile Marketing

Publishers that have a genuine respect for the experience of their readers have long avoided disruptive ad experiences such as pop-ups and flashing ads. This new initiative is attempting to change the approach of those publishers that continue to display disruptive ads which negatively impact the reader experience while...

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On: February 07, 2018 In: Mobile Marketing

The mobile ad ecosystem is undergoing a huge metamorphosis, with the rise of newer ad formats every day. But do marketers fully understand what mobile can do for them? As per the December, 2017 GroupM TYNY Worldwide report, the digital advertising market in India stands at Rs 9,490 crore....

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