On: August 08, 2019 In: Digital Marketing

Taking the time to understand and refine your demographic targeting will pay off for you business, manipulating algorithms will not. Algorithms have come to define a significant chunk of modern marketing strategies. Google’s search engine algorithm dictates which websites appear highest in relevant search results, driving search engine optimization...

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On: May 22, 2019 In: Digital Marketing

Everything can be accomplished very easily without having to run from pillar to post or standing in queues Digital media was envisaged as the future just a decade ago but now it has become an essential and pivotal part of our existence in this capitalistic world. The sci-fi of...

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On: May 03, 2019 In: Social Media

Confused about whether to go with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram? A video? A blog? Here are suggested strategies on how to cull that list. According to Statistica, the number of worldwide users on social media is projected to hit a whopping 3.02 billion active users per month by 2021. That’s one-third...

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On: February 27, 2019 In: Content Marketing

When it comes to connecting to an audience and building awareness about your brand, content always plays a major role. It is your content strategy that makes a difference in building relationships with all types of clients, providing them valuable information and enhancing their experience which in turn makes...

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On: January 25, 2019 In: Content Marketing

Experiential marketing is about creating long-lasting memories. Harness content to boost any experiential campaign’s effects. Face it: Ads are boring. Consumers crave immersive brand experiences instead, and brands that provide these experiences earn lasting love and loyalty from their audiences. This isn’t about showing off a product — it’s about establishing two-way emotional...

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On: October 17, 2018 In: Social Media

Event Marketing is a creative way to promote and communicate your brand. It goes beyond the standard marketing techniques such as emailing, social media or TV but instead focuses on a more personal approach by engaging with prospective customers. Here are 5 ways in which I think Event Marketing...

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On: September 26, 2018 In: SEO Optimization

The unstable and unofficial relationship between social media and SEO has been bothering every digital marketer for some time. I wasn’t left behind in these debates and, like many others, realized after a while that social media is needed for a full and healthy SEO strategy. But in what...

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