On: November 15, 2018 In: Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing continues to divide marketers and followers alike. CEO of Hoozu, Nathan Ruff, takes a look at where the criticism is coming from and what’s driving it. I enjoy the cut and thrust of a good marketing conversation just as much as the next person. There’s nothing like...

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We are in an era where creating and sharing viral content is easier than ever. This generally means that the internet is flooded with content, and it can make it difficult to get your own content circulating widely online. The purpose of this article is to provide you with...

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Contributor Kristopher Jones outlines seven tried-and-true content promotion strategies that will drive traffic to your content and website. It’s no secret a well-executed content marketing campaign can deliver a solid return on investment. According to Demand Metric, content marketing generates three times more leads than most outbound marketing strategies...

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On: February 21, 2018 In: Influencer Marketing

Word of mouth is right down the street, at the corner of Extra Mile and Hard Work. Meet you there? You might run an online company, but don’t assume that means you can skirt your customer service duties. Offline word-of-mouth can be more powerful — and profitable — than...

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On: January 18, 2018 In: Influencer Marketing

Marketers are dedicating more and more time and resources to influencer marketing. In fact, Bloglovin found that 63 percent of the marketers it surveyed had increased their budgets for influencer marketing in 2017. That trend is likely to continue in the coming years. And maybe you’re part of it. But that’s...

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On: November 07, 2017 In: Influencer Marketing

Does Mad Men style marketing hold any place in today’s digital age? I was chatting with a marketing friend the other day, and he was telling me how much he loves watching Mad Men, not just for the entertainment value, but to see how advertisers used to conduct business and the creative...

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Take a deep dive into the pool of influencers. You’ll find large growth-hacking opportunities there. It shouldn’t be surprising that more and more millennial entrepreneurs are pursuing thought leadership today. A whopping 40 percent of people say they’ve purchased an item online after seeing it used by an influencer on Instagram,...

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