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10 clear signs you need to make a mobile app for your customers

Many businesses see a major shift in their success once they establish a website that lets them provide new...

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How mobile solutions can help agencies improve operations during the pandemic

Over the last few months, the coronavirus pandemic has created the ultimate disruption across all levels of...

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Modern flat design isometric concept of App Development for banner and website. Isometric landing page template. Mobile application, user and developer group. Vector illustration.

What are all the different phases of mobile app development?

Mobile app development process is a phased and stage-wise and leads to the expected end of creating mobile apps...

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How mass notification plays a part during COVID-19

Currently the need is pressing, but during a pandemic is not the only time a robust communication system helps to...

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What is Digital Journalism? Why should you consider it?

Digital journalism is a little different from traditional journalism. Apart from the core journalistic rules, the...

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A few things every new mobile product manager should consider

Thinking about platform perspective, the release process, and pre-permission messages will be critical to your...

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Importance of mobile apps in education

“The internet could be a very positive step towards education, organization and participation in a meaningful...

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Blog cover -How to Get Straight to the Decision-Maker

Five ways that chatbots can improve workflows in the ‘new normal’

Consumer behaviours and expectations are constantly evolving, says Andrew Bourne, regional manager of Africa at Zoho...

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Are learning mobile apps the future? We say yes

In a previous blog post, we talked about why having a mobile learning strategy is important to futureproof your...

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How to power up your marketing might through improved browser push notifications

According to a new report, only one-quarter of surveyed businesses have been able to shift completely to virtual...

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Brands are pushing more notifications during covid-19. Here’s why

With no theaters to visit, stores to shop at, or bars to drink in, Americans have largely spent the past few months...

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Strategies to increase your sales with web push notifications

Enhance Sales Through Web Push Notifications Since the advent of web push notifications, marketers have taken a deep...

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