On: July 18, 2019 In: E-mail Marketing

Email marketing automation drives more conversions and higher ROI. Here are 5 easy ways to do it. Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing tactics available to businesses today, but the power of email marketing grows exponentially when you automatically send targeted messages based on specific customer behaviors...

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On: February 07, 2019 In: E-mail Marketing

Here are three questions to ask yourself before you send your next campaign. In my work with marketers, I emphasize strategy over tactics in managing email programs. It’s important to understand the “why” before the “how.” The “how” question is easy. It’s the tactical aspect of your program. Everybody...

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On: October 31, 2018 In: E-mail Marketing

Compelling email content can help your business stay top-of-mind among your customers, but make sure your emails aren’t getting quickly sent to the junk folder. We’ve all heard that content is king. While the saying may be trite, it’s true that valuable content can help you attract customers and...

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We are in an era where creating and sharing viral content is easier than ever. This generally means that the internet is flooded with content, and it can make it difficult to get your own content circulating widely online. The purpose of this article is to provide you with...

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It’s no surprise that driving traffic to your website is the key to higher conversions and increased revenue. After all, if people aren’t visiting your business online, they certainly won’t be completing ecommerce purchases. However, it seems as though every business in 2018 has gone all-in on search engine...

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Contributor Kristopher Jones outlines seven tried-and-true content promotion strategies that will drive traffic to your content and website. It’s no secret a well-executed content marketing campaign can deliver a solid return on investment. According to Demand Metric, content marketing generates three times more leads than most outbound marketing strategies...

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B2B marketing for small businesses can be difficult to get right. A limited budget means marketing spend must be tightly controlled, and returns must be justified by tangible data. So, which channels should SMEs consider when planning their marketing strategy? Email marketing What is it? Email marketing can be used...

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