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5 automated email marketing messages you should be using

Email marketing automation drives more conversions and higher ROI. Here are 5 easy ways to do it. Email marketing is...

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How to measure ROI of your mobile applications

Measuring ROI can be very beneficial in determining the financial success of a business. But, not every mobile app...

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Business Marketing Concept

Why people are essential to B2B marketing success

A people-focus is the single most powerful differentiator between B2B organizations who struggle and those who...

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Marketers, campaign success depends on actually identifying your goals

It is important to choose an attribution approach to measure success – and stick to it – because the...

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Why influencers have divided the media and marketing industry

Influencer marketing continues to divide marketers and followers alike. CEO of Hoozu, Nathan Ruff, takes a look at...

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The benefits of a PPC yield management strategy

We’ve all been there – you’re looking to book a hotel in a prime vacation spot and see some great deals. A few days...

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Programmatic advertising: Future of digital marketing

The growth of programmatic advertising represents a critical turning point in the era of data and technology The...

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Five steps to avoid wasting your display advertising budgets

There is a myriad of advertising partners available to buy media and help mobile advertisers to reach their target...

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How content marketing drives more revenue for your brand

You know content marketing is important. You know you should do it, but what exactly is your business getting out of...

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3 hot PPC predictions for 2018 you need to know

This was an extraordinary year for PPC professionals that ushered in many changes. And you could argue that not all...

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4 B2B marketing trends you can’t afford to miss in 2018

Lack of strategy is the primary reasons why content initiatives fail. The new year is coming fast, and the best way...

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Learn these content marketing lessons from birds

Over the past few years, cockatoo video blogging has become popular on YouTube. I started watching bird videos a few...

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