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12 effective mobile marketing tips

Mobile marketing has opened up an entirely new way to target and engage customers. With the right mobile marketing...

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How well do you know your digital customers?

In the digital age, it takes only one click to find a competitor with a slicker website, better customer service and...

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Close up of young woman using mobile phone by the promenade of Victoria Harbour with urban city skyline in background

Mobile apps are crucial for safe reopening

As COVID-19 restrictions ease, retailers are devising plans to reopen stores while adhering to their local health...

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5 best user engagement ideas to provide a fun in-app experience to users

Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, states that the iPhone users have an average of 119 apps installed on their phones....

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11 tips to keep virtual audiences engaged

When your attendees are watching from home you’ve got to compete with endless distractions, says...

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Top 7 features that make an enterprise chat application powerful

The rapidly evolving internet-era has made it clear that a simple chat app is no more the need of the hour,...

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10 advanced strategies to boost up your e-commerce business through mobile apps in 2020

In this Advanced and Digitized Era smartphones become the most effective way to connect with customers, most...

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“Programmatic will be the way all media is traded”

While programmatic trading has become the dominant form of advertising in display environments, its uptake across...

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5 effective ways to keep your marketing team motivated

Back in October, I wrote Are Any of These 3 Things Draining Your Passion for SEO? In it, I looked at how things like...

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8 signals to identify a struggling digital marketing strategy

In the past couple of decades, the internet domain has expanded exponentially. What used to be mere ideas have now...

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Digital transformation is easy…it’s the people that are the challenge

McKinsey research has found that 94% of global leaders are NOT satisfied with their innovation performance. An...

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Programmatic advertising: Future of digital marketing

The growth of programmatic advertising represents a critical turning point in the era of data and technology The...

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