On: October 03, 2018 In: Programmatic

The process of digital out-of-home (OOH) ad buying has been turned on its head. It used to be that “programmatic” meant one bid request equaled one ad, which equaled one impression. Now, as digital OOH has gone programmatic, that one bid request for that one ad to a mass scale...

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On: September 07, 2018 In: Programmatic

The growth of programmatic advertising represents a critical turning point in the era of data and technology The world of digital marketing is an ever-changing one. Several years after the birth of the first-ever clickable banner ad, Internet ads have moved on from being just plain click-to-copy displays to...

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On: August 08, 2018 In: Programmatic

From the dawn of the programmatic era, advertisers and publishers alike have condemned the murkiness of the programmatic supply chain and asked for greater transparency. We’re calling on all marketers to stop asking for transparency and start demanding it. Refuse to work with any ad tech company who can’t provide it....

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On: May 23, 2018 In: Programmatic

It’s been interesting to witness and be a part of the programmatic advertising debate over the last few years. Programmatic ads have had some wins. And they’ve had some losses, and stories of ad fraud, and they’ve lost and regained the trust of certain third parties. Through it all,...

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On: April 18, 2018 In: Programmatic

If you’ve been reserving programmatic display for your performance campaigns, contributor Grace Kaye encourages you to expand your horizons. Programmatic is not just for conversions; it’s also a valuable part of your branding strategy. Historically, brand awareness strategies have been above-the-line advertising activities: TV, radio, print. These have a...

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On: March 14, 2018 In: Programmatic

Programmatic technology, once an instrument for media buying, is now beginning to establish itself as the industry mainstream. With the ability to provide scalable and efficient advertising campaigns, programmatic has become a growth engine for digital media trading in my business as well as many other organizations. With this in...

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On: June 06, 2017 In: Programmatic

At first, newspapers slammed Google and YouTube for allowing terrorist-related and hate videos to be shown next to adverts – including well-known travel brands. It meant that terrorist organisations were profiting from the online advertising. This followed a UK Home Affairs Committee investigation last month, which saw the parliamentary body...

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