On: August 01, 2018 In: Webmaster's Tools

CPU usage problems are widespread in WordPress websites. They become more prevalent when you use shared resources or a hosting plan that doesn’t have that many resources. However, the CPU usage can also happen in a good hosting plan. When that happens, it slows down your website considerably as...

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On: July 29, 2018 In: Webmaster's Tools

Investing in a robust CRM like Salesforce is one of the best decisions a business can make. These days where customer experience drives business success, leverage technology like Salesforce indicates a commitment to delivering great service and contributing meaningfully to the success of your customers. Salesforce has allowed companies...

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On: October 07, 2016 In: Video Marketing, Webmaster's Tools

Video marketing has never been more effective at converting prospects into leads. Studies say it’s 50 times easier to reach Google’s first page with a video. Video marketing also offers the most engaging form of content you can come up with, and it’s perfectly suited to any and all...

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Most of us have used Google Search Console, but many SEOs ignore Bing Webmaster Tools. Columnist Tony Edward argues that we should not overlook this rich source of data. Before I make my case about using Bing Webmaster Tools, I want to preface the conversation with a couple of...

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On: April 19, 2016 In: SEO Optimization, Webmaster's Tools

From Twitter to Facebook, a lot of big companies are realizing the importance of local businesses and offering them resources to get their business on their platform. The world is open for local businesses; even Google has warmly embraced local businesses, paving an easier path for them through Google+...

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When a company is very small, usually during startup years, there often is only one person responsible for the social media marketing campaign. As that company grows, however, more marketing staff will be added, and suddenly there is a team responsibility for social campaigns. These marketing teams share common...

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On: April 15, 2016 In: Marketing Industry, Webmaster's Tools

Imagine setting yourself apart from your competition once and for all. Picture yourself letting the world know you are a noteworthy authority, someone they can go to for comprehensive solutions. Imagine launching a business — or growing one — simply because you are now “the expert who wrote the book”. Most clever business people eventually...

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